Dryden Town Historical Society, Tompkins County, New York

Archive and Genealogy/Family History


We will add photos and links from time to time.


Archive-Family History Information (contact historyhouse2@odyssey.net for direct queries).

Local History Resources

Newspaper Clipping Scrapbooks

Town and Village Maps

Town of Dryden Map (pdf)

Village of Dryden Map (pdf)

Foto Gravue (in jpg format)

What’s New:

The Archival Collection also includes:

  • Photographs
  • Documents
  • Paintings
  • Textiles
  • Tools, Books
  • and a sundry of items

A donation is required for non-members to help maintain the Research-Archival database.

$15.00  Basic Research Donation Fee *1

 $5.00  Postage, Handling and Photocopying *2

  = = = = =

 $20.00  TOTAL  Paid in Advance (US Dollars).  Mail check to DTHS, PO Box 69, Dryden, NY 13053


*1  Research is conducted by the Society’s Collection-Genealogy Committee of experienced volunteers, for a maximum of 3 person hours per query.  Additional time is subject to pro rata charges.

  • The average query requires one to three hours of on-site research. This research does not include any material outside of the Society’s own collection, nor off-site research.  Off-site research is not provided.
  • A fair portion of the prepaid Research fees will be returned, should the results found not to be worthy of the Research Donation—in the judgment of the research volunteers!


*2  Includes up to 10 photocopies or 2 photograph (8-1/2 x 11) scan copies) of research material.

  • Additional photocopies (at 20¢ per copy) can be made available; you will be notified of any extra costs!
  • Photographic reproduction of any material may be subject to copyright and/or written permission with any costs borne by the querist.


Full payment of all charges is required before any research is undertaken.